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It's an exciting time for this industry, as we set out to meet the many challenges of the modern world. Working together with customers and a global network of experts, we're pushing back the boundaries of heat exchanger technology in an effort to increase efficiency, enhance environmental performance and fine-tune our designs to match different applications.


We're making continual progress and developing products that will shape the future of the industry. So far we have 7 patents and 70 pending, which is a great start, but actually just the beginning!


Using our own design software and engineering expertise we develop new products and subject them to rigorous tests. For example, four advanced corrosion test chambers enable us to test MCHE resistance to e.g. copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray and sea water acetic acid resistance. Simulation facilities make it possible to test our heat exchangers products entire systems and study their performance in context.


We adopt a holistic approach to research and product development where each step involves a customer feedback loop. By working with us, you too can be part of an R&D concept where we combine science with applied technology and ultimately, fully functioning systems. Join us at the forefront of MCHE technology!

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