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When you choose MCHEs from Sanhuamc, the advantages really add up.  View examples of measurable benefits below >>

Compact design

Lower raw material costs, savings on storage and attractiveness to end users. Switching your F&T coil (dimensions, 1100mm length x 728 height, based on a 25mm design) to the equivalent MCHE, saves €17 annually per unit.


Lower – charge

System manufacturers save €26 per unit due to the fact that MCHEs require 30% less refrigerant than F&T.


Reduced taxes

Because MCHEs require 30% less than F&T, taxes on refrigerant gases (F-gas 3-30-300kg HFC) are also lower. Taxes vary from region to region, but there is a global trend towards imposing refrigerant taxes.


Easy cleaning

Brazed fins are stronger and can be cleaned more easily than F&T. Fast and easy cleaning saves time, which saves money. Savings can add up to €60 over the lifetime of your product.


Lower energy consumption

MCHEs give you a better heat transfer capability on the same frontal area. This reduces energy consumption by up to €337 per unit each year.

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