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Header and baffles

The flow of refrigerant is controlled by headers and baffles. This opens up the possibility of adapting configurations to optimise the velocity in all phases.

Tube design

The smart design of the tubes gives superior heat transfer which in turn, enables a more compact, but equally effective solution overall.

Fin design

A superior louvred fin design maximises the surface contact. This reduces the air side pressure drop and improves efficiency, as well as reducing noise levels.

End cap

Being made entirely of aluminium the end cap is resistant to galvanic corrosion, enabling a safe and leak-free exchanger.

Side plate

The side plates can be formed in different ways to facilitate installation, using accessories brackets and L-bars and U-bars.


A wide choice of connection options make it possible to adapt your products to customer needs. We offer standard and block connections of all types that enable smart, space-saving piping solutions.

Tubes with microchannels

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