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For a whole series of reasons, we're confident that the future belongs to MCHEs. Over the next 5 years the share of MCHEs is expected to rise from 3 % to 40% .

68% lighter

MCHEs weigh 68% less than F&T. This is largely because they are so much more efficient, making it possible to produce smaller, lighter units which are equally effective. Their light weight also makes MCHEs cheaper to transport.

29% better price stability

Since they can be made very compact, MCHEs contain less metal than F&T coils. The metal content represents a smaller proportion of the total cost, which means they are less vulnerable to raw material price fluctuations.

77% lower hold up volume

The superior microchannel design enables a greatly improved heat transfer with less refrigerant. MCHE's hold up volume is a full 77% lower than F&T.

35% smaller

The smart design of MCHEs means a smaller coil can give the same effect. This leads to further competitive advantages such as reduced footprint and smarter logistics solutions. Units can be 35% more compact than F&T.

100% design flexibility

Customers get maximum flexibility when it comes to both the size of the coil and mounting options. MCHEs are available up to 1.5 x 4 metres and we offer a range of mounting accessories to suit every type of installation.

Greater air side heat transfer efficiency

MCHEs successfully address one of the limiting factors of coil performance and give higher air side efficiency than F&Ts. They offer greater tube surface and better tube-to-fin joints as well as high and consistent contact between the metal surface and the ambient air.

Brazed tube-to-fin joint improves heat transfer

Where air gaps occur, heat transfer is diminished. In an MCHE, all the parts are brazed together so the area around the fins does not suffer from air gaps.

Easy cleaning

Dust and dirt are difficult to remove from F&T coils; by comparison, MCHEs are very easy to clean.

100% Aluminium

MCHES are made of aluminium, a lightweight metal, which prevents the galvanic corrosion that can occur between the aluminium and copper in F&T coils. Being made of single material, the product is also easier to recycle.

Lower pressure drop per unit heat transfer

With an MCHE you get a lower pressure drop, which allows you to use a smaller or slower fan and thereby reduce energy consumption. Alternatively you can use the same fan to increase capacity.

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