Applications>MCHEs for Commercial refrigeration

MCHEs offer several major advantages in cold store applications in e.g. restaurants, meat processing plants or supermarkets. Wherever food is involved, cleanability is naturally the top priority. It's therefore good to know that these small but effective heat exchangers are very easy to keep clean.

MCHEs also offer a 10% better COP than F&Ts of the same size. This means the frontal area of the unit can be 35% smaller without reducing its effect. So you can produce neat, efficient systems that can be relied upon to keep cold store rooms at the right temperature, year-in year-out.

And let's not forget, since MCHEs have a low refrigerant charge, you can use them to make more environmentally-friendly products too. MCHEs give you all these advantages:
  ● Hygiene – very easy to clean
  ● Build compact space-saving units
  ● Reliable temperature control
  ● Meet environmental regulations

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