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If you're in the business of precision cooling, MCHEs are the ideal choice of heat exchanger. You can take advantage of their low temperature fluctuation to create cooling systems that reliably safeguard your customers' most sensitive technologies - in data centres, mobile phone network exchanges and server rooms.

You can also exploit their excellent heat transfer performance to design smaller, more energy-efficient cooling units. Your customers will appreciate the lower electricity bills as well as the space that's freed up for other things.

And let's not forget, MCHEs require a 30% % lower refrigerant charge than F&T coils, so you can produce more environmentally-friendly products and meet your markets' environmental targets - whether this is something you need to do now, or in preparation for the future.
MCHEs give you all these advantages:
  ● Precise temperature control to safeguard sensitive equipment
  ● Compact, space-saving units
  ● Low energy consumption
  ● Meet environmental regulations

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