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In condensing units in Commercial AC applications, MCHEs improve your bottom line in all the following ways:

First, their excellent heat transfer raises the efficiency of your products, making it possible to build a high-performing range with a slimmer design (using the same frontal area). With compact, energy-efficient products, you save on material, transport and storage costs.
And at the same time you increase the attractiveness of your offering to customers.


Another important advantage is that MCHEs have a 30 % lower refrigerant charge than F&T coils, leading to more environmentally-friendly systems.
This means you can meet legal regulations, get environmental certification and take advantage of 'green' tax incentives.
Reach out to new customers with leaner, MCHE-based products which offer lower energy consumption and lower refrigerant charge (so fewer environmental inspections are needed) during the product's whole lifetime.
MCHEs let you do all this:
  ● Raise product efficiency or reduce footprint
  ● Better environmental performance
  ● Reduced noise levels

M-shaped chiller

V-shaped chiller

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